The Impact

It’s not just the visual impact of the proposed wind farm. There are so many more factors to consider.




NO to monster turbines on the Hill of Fare–NAE FARE!

There are plans to erect sixteen 180-200m high wind turbines on the Hill of Fare.If successful, this will be amongst the tallest onshore windfarms in the UK. Unless we as a community unite to object to the RES plans on the Dunecht Estate this windfarm will blight the surrounding natural beauty of our area.
The planned turbines will be:

  • 12 times as tall as the Angel of The North
  • Almost 5 times the height of Nelson’s Column
  • Two and a half times the size of the Statue of Liberty or Big Ben

In fact, if you put the Marischal College in Aberdeen on top of The Gherkin building in London you’d be the same height as the colossal scale of the planned structures.

And remember, the Hill of Fare already stands 250m to 300m above the surrounding land – these turbines will virtually double the height of the hill.

At Nae Fare, we are pro-renewable energy, but it has to be in the right place; we’re here to protect the Hill of Fare against these titans.

Join us if you are you concerned about the impact of these turbines on the picturesque Hill of Fare and its surrounding natural beauty! If you share our mission to preserve this cherished landscape, then you need to act NOW to object to this scheme.

Find out how to object here

The Size.

The proposed turbines for Hill of Fare will be the largest ever constructed on Scottish soil.
The top of Scolty Hill is 299m above sea level. The highest of the proposed Hill of Fare turbines could top out at 720m above sea level.

Nae Fare is a passionate community of individuals, living locally, unlike the landowner of the Dunecht Estate who lives and works in SE England, dedicated to safeguarding the Hill of Fare and its stunning surroundings.