The original Hill of Fare plans which RES, in partnership with Dunecht Estates, consulted on at public meetings in Autumn 2022, stated that the turbines would be 820ft – or 250m high. This would make them taller than all but two buildings in Britain – The Shard and 22 Bishopgate in London. You can read the scoping document here

You can visit the developers RES website to find out more about their plans here.

Join us if you are you concerned about the impact of these turbines on the picturesque Hill of Fare and its surrounding natural beauty! If you share our mission to preserve this cherished landscape, then you need to act NOW to object to this scheme.

Nae Fare is a passionate community of individuals, living locally, unlike the landowner of the Dunecht Estate who lives and works in SE England, dedicated to safeguarding the Hill of Fare and its stunning surroundings.