OBJECT NOW – There’s still time!

While the official published deadline for objections was the 2 February 2024, this has been extended until 30 June 2024 to accommodate a number of statutory consultees.

However, we understand that Scottish Ministers will endeavour where possible to consider public representations received after the statutory deadline, although there is no requirement for them to do so.

We encourage everyone who has not yet submitted an objection to do so as soon as possible So you can still lodge your objection by completing the form below.

Everyone has a right to object, not just each household. Invite every member of your family to make their representation, where ever you live. Even if you live outside Aberdeen City or Aberdeenshire you can object to the ECU. When you send your email you will also receive a copy of it.

Click here to find your local councillors and their contact details


 Aberdeen City 

Join us if you are you concerned about the impact of these turbines on the picturesque Hill of Fare and its surrounding natural beauty! If you share our mission to preserve this cherished landscape, then you need to act NOW to object to this scheme.

Nae Fare is a passionate community of individuals, living locally, unlike the landowner of the Dunecht Estate who lives and works in SE England, dedicated to safeguarding the Hill of Fare and its stunning surroundings.